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DoctorAI Rwanda


Front-End Developer


Web App Development


May 2019

Doctor AI is an advanced web and Android application that leverages AI to revolutionize medical diagnostics. This innovative solution analyzes and predicts conditions such as pneumothorax and breast cancer, utilizing AI-based analysis of chest x-rays and mammography scans. With DOCTORAI, healthcare professionals can make informed decisions based on accurate and timely insights, leading to improved patient outcomes. Experience the future of healthcare with DOCTORAI and unlock the potential for early detection and proactive treatment.



The project took 4 months and I was in charge of front-end development and testing using React, Node.Js , HTML, CSS, Firebase,Material UI, and also included an AI tool for diagnostics.Working on Doctor AI was an exhilarating experience in the realm of advanced web and Android applications. This project pushed the boundaries of innovation by integrating AI into medical diagnostics. The application analyzes chest x-rays and mammography scans to predict conditions like pneumothorax and breast cancer. Doctor AI empowers healthcare professionals with accurate and timely insights, fostering informed decision-making and ultimately leading to improved patient outcomes. Being a part of this groundbreaking project highlighted the potential of AI in revolutionizing healthcare and showcased the future of proactive diagnostics